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King John’s Castle in Limerick

Tom and I visited King John’s Castle when we were here last and thought it was one of the best museums that explained the history of Ireland and how the castle fit into it, so we wanted to share the experience with Chris.  The museum had many audio/visual exhibits as well as hands on.  We loved it all!

The castle was founded by King John in 1200, but he never visited.  The castle experienced many wars over the centuries including a siege where several hundred people died.  During the seige tunnels were dug to collapse the wall and gain access to the castle.  Archaelogical digs have excavated the tunnel.  In addition, the dig unearthed some of the original Norman dwellings that were on the site before the Castle.

Some sights in Limerick

While Caroline is attending her class, we investigate Limerick.  All over Ireland we find large murals on the sides of buildings, and Limerick doesn’t disappoint.  We visit the Hunt Museum which was created by archaeologist John Hunt. He curated 2 historical sites close by: Bunratty Castle and Craggaunowen.  He provided time appropriate furniture when the Bunratty was renovated, and designed Craggaunowen as a place to experience the Bronze Age and Celtic culture.  The history of Ennis goes back to the Stone Age.  The Hunt Museum features artifacts from the Bronze age forward.  Out front of the museum are these two painted horses.

Seafood Chowder


Many restaurants feature seafood chowder.  How could we resist when the menu states theirs is the best ever?  It was very creamy and thickened with potato!  As you can see, it included musses along with salmon, clams, and white fish.  What meal would be complete without brown bread? We agreed with their claim that it was at the top of our list of delicious seafood chowders!  Bon appetite!


Back to Ireland!

We headed back to the Big Yellow House in Ennis, Ireland on November 17, 2015.  Caroline is taking an aerial circus class in Limerick for 3 weeks.  Chris has joined us for Thanksgiving week.  We made our traditional Thanksgiving dinner with Irish ingredients with terrific results!

Bird Decor

As we traveled all over the country, I noticed a trend to use birds and animals to top posts and as outdoor decor on the stone wall entrance to a home. It was hard to photograph as we flew by, so here are a few representatives.